20 Years of Proof, 50 Years of Potential

You, the Intercambio community, have supported Intercambio’s potential through thick and thin for 20 years. What started as a dream of two guys in their twenties is now impacting thousands of immigrants and volunteer teachers locally and nationwide.

Shawn Camden and Lee Shainis founded Intercambio in Boulder in 2001 after informally teaching English classes for a year. Classes grew so popular that Intercambio expanded to Lafayette and Longmont in 2003. In 2009, we published The Immigrant Guide, of which 300,000 copies have been distributed. By 2011 we had over 1,000 local participants annually, and hundreds of organizations nationwide were turning to Intercambio for our curriculum, training, and coaching.

With strong programs in place, it was time to innovate. 2017 saw the first Community Conversations event. In 2019, we launched our new curriculum, Confidence and Connections, which sold 20,000 copies that year.

Then came 2020. With your support, we didn’t shy away from what it threw at us. From the pandemic came CC English, our online program that will become a significant revenue stream and revolutionize relationship-based English education nationwide. During the country’s racial reckoning, we started Conversations on Race and Equity for English learners.

You’ve seen what can happen in 20 years. Would you invest in the next 50? You could be one of the first 50 donors to give to The Next 50 Fund, our new $1 million endowment. The first 25% has already been given. What could your gift do?

By 2026, CC English could have 7,500 users and generate $2 million annually. What if, by 2031, there are 10,000 yearly participants in Community Conversations and Conversations on Race and Equity? Or in 2035 CC English launches worldwide?

“I genuinely believe there is nothing else that I can invest in that will have such a strong impact.” – Anonymous The Next 50 Fund Donor

What else could happen, if you gave right now?

Email jenny@intercambio.org to give to The Next 50 Endowment Fund.

Read the rest of the Community Journal below!

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