/d/ and /th/

When making the /d/ sound, the tip of your tongue should be placed on the front part of the roof of your mouth, right behind your upper teeth. Your tongue should also be tense, and your vocal chords should be voiced or vibrating when you make this sound. The sound is released as a puff of air when your tongue is lowered from its position.


When making the /th/ sound, the tip of the tongue sticks out briefly a tiny bit and is pressed against the upper front teeth, so that it vibrates slightly as the air is released around the sides

of your tongue and teeth. Sometimes the vocal chords are voiced when making this sound.


Read these words to your student(s) and have them repeat.


/d/                       /th/

dares                  theirs

wordy                worthy

dough                thought

den                      then

udder                 other

day                      they

sued                    soothe

breed                 breathe


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