3 Quick and Easy Activities to Inject Energy into Your Classroom

Conversation Rotation: Conversation rotation is a great activity to do using a dialog in the book. It works just as well with beginner students as it does with advanced. Here’s what you do:

1. Practice the dialog you want students to use. Depending on the level of your students the practice will need to be more or less formal. For example, with level 1 students, you would first practice the dialog as a whole group several times. Then, have students write “1” and “2” alternating next to the lines of speech in the dialog. Practice with half the class as “1’s” and half as “2’s”. Or, an advanced class may not need practice at all.
2. Place students into two facing rows in an open space in the classroom so that each person has a partner. Make sure that there is enough room between students in each row so that they won’t be too distracted by the talking of their neighbor, but that the facing pairs are close enough to hear each other.
3. Assign one side to be “1’s” and the other side to be “2’s”. Have the pairs go through the dialog.
4. Then, have one of the rows move one position – so that everyone is facing a new partner. The last person in the row goes to the other end. Repeat the dialog until the original pair is back together.

Verb Tic-Tac-Toe: This can be a great review activity to practice a recently learned verb tense.

1.Separate your class into two teams. Draw a tic-​​tac-​​toe board on the whiteboard. Fill it randomly with pronouns (I, you, he, she, we, they, it).
2.Prepare pieces of paper with the base form of verbs written on them place them in a box or hat for students to draw from. In turn, each student selects a verb, chooses a space and then gives the correct form of the verb for the box the student chooses. If correct, the team is awarded the box.
3. A student may re-​​use a box that has been filled in by con­ju­gat­ing a new verb to go with the pronoun. They will steal the space this way.
4. First team to get three boxes in a row, wins the round. Keep score.

Make a List: This is a fun way to review vocabulary taught over the last several classes. You will need a deck of cards for each group (or make a simple deck of cards by writing the numbers 1-9 on small pieces of paper and giving each group 1-2 sets).

1. Prepare by writing vocabulary categories on the whiteboard. For example, health, family, money, colors, etc based on the lessons that you have previously covered in the book.
2. Split the class up into groups of 3-4.
3. Give each group a deck of cards (or stack of numbered cards).
3. Each student in the group blindly chooses a card from the deck in turn. Let’s say their card is a “7” for instance. Now they should look at the whiteboard and use the first category to start writing. (Just have them start from the top of the category list and work down sequentially.) In this instance, the student would have to make a list of 7 health words. If they are unable to complete it, they should be “punished” – let their group-mates choose the punishment…something like dancing or singing.
4. For added fun, choose a “wild card”. When a student draws a “3”, for example, they skip a turn.

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