A Growing Footprint in the National ESL Field

Over Intercambio’s first two decades, we have constantly improved our model, shared with others, and learned from the best in the field. This year, we took all the knowledge gained and made significant waves around the U.S. through our curriculum, first-ever conference, with our partners, in national publications, and with the recognition of our new online platform, CC English. Our footprint in the landscape of adult English education grew significantly, despite the limitations of COVID.

Confidence and Connections Curriculum

Our outstanding curriculum that was published in 2019, Confidence and Connections, sold more than 20,000 copies this year. Every lesson leads to a conversation, with English learners and their teachers sharing life and learning from one another.

The Network and Summer Conference

A good portion of those sales includes hundreds of organizations turning to Intercambio for training and coaching. Last year, we formalized these relationships with The Intercambio Network, which has grown to a total of 49 member organizations. This year, we planned our first-ever virtual conference bringing together local and national participants to swap ideas, connect, and sharpen teaching skills.


The mutual learning mindset in our programs is a step toward more equitable English classes that others can follow. In spring 2021, Intercambio Executive Director and Co-Founder Lee Shainis was featured in the COABE (Coalition on Adult Basic Education) Journal, which reaches over 65,000 adult educators. His article, “How We Can Shift the Power Imbalance in Adult Education to Deepen a Sense of Belonging, Improve Program Outcomes, and Create a More Equitable Society” shines light on the important conversation about cultural humility and equity in the adult English classroom.

The COABE Journal wasn’t the only national publication to feature Intercambio this year. Intercambio’s new program, CC English, was featured in EdTech Center at World Education’s Remote ESOL Study (ESOL= English to Speakers of Other Languages). This initiative was reviewed as a program of “promising remote ESOL instruction with the potential to reshape the delivery of ESOL in the months and years to come.”

Looking Ahead

As we launch into the next year, we are excited to keep up the momentum. We are on the cusp of a new level of spreading our influence around the country, accelerating our vision of millions of people cultivating new levels of cross-cultural connection and belonging, one conversation at a time.

This is one of the many awesome stories in our 2021 Gratitude Report! Read the whole report by clicking the button below.

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