About Us

Intercambio creates programs, trainings, and curriculum where all participants learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives. We do these in person and online, locally and nationally.

Our Vision: Millions of people cultivating new levels of cross-cultural connection and belonging, one conversation at a time.

Our Mission: To bring English learners and community volunteers together in language classes and gatherings to build skills, confidence, and life-changing connections.

Our Commitment:  We facilitate connections to create a more fair, just, and inclusive society. Read our Equity Charter to learn more about the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at the core of who we are.

Intercambio Student & Volunteer

A Strategic Plan for Increased Impact

The Intercambio Strategic Plan 2024-2026 outlines an exciting approach to magnifying our social impact on a local, regional, and national level. Its key goals include: establishing Intercambio as a pre-eminent provider of ESOL instruction; expanding access to and use of Intercambio’s offerings; and integrating the organization’s processes for continuous innovation and improvement. 

The Intercambio Way®

Increasing Access

Supportive programs and national partnerships create new possibilities for English learners and community volunteers to connect through structured, relationship-based English classes and gatherings.

Learning Together

We provide curriculum and training that promote effective English language acquisition, cultural humility, and conversations where all participants learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives.

Growing Together

Participants build the skills and confidence to communicate across language barriers and foster genuine connections.

Skills, Confidence & Connections are the foundation for Intercambio's approach.

Creating a New Future Together

One cross-cultural connection at a time, Intercambio participants model and cultivate a new level of human interaction.

Individuals, Communities & Families

Get Involved

Donate or volunteer with us and make a difference in your community!

Intercambio works with students from all over the world

Afghanistan     •    Algeria    •    Argentina    •    Bangladesh    •    Bolivia    •    Bosnia and Herzegovina    •    Brazil    •    Cambodia    •    Canada    •    Chile    •    China    •    Colombia    •    Costa Rica    •    Cuba    •    Ecuador    •    El Salvador    •    Ethiopia    •    France    •    Germany    •    Guatemala    •    Honduras    •    India    •    Iran    •    Israel    •    Italy    •    Japan    •    Jordan    •    North Korea    •    Kuwait    •    Laos    •    Libya    •    Lithuania    •    Mali    •    Mexico    •    Mongolia    •    Myanmar    •    Nepal    •    Nicaragua    •    Oman    •    Palestine    •    Paraguay    •    Peru    •    Poland    •    Russia    •    Rwanda    •    Saudi Arabia    •    South Korea    •    Spain    •    Switzerland    •    Taiwan    •    Tibet    •    Turkey    •    Ukraine    •    Uruguay    •    Venezuela    •    Vietnam

Intercambio® Uniting Communities is a 501C(3) public charity founded in 2001.