Silver Linings and New Opportunities

Meet Adriana, one of more than 300 students who learned how to take English classes virtually with Intercambio this year. Thanks to your support, she is learning with Intercambio and getting ahead in life.

Adriana and her husband Carlos  are accomplished professionals and highly educated in their home country of Venezuela. Venezuela’s political and economic strife forced them to uproot, despite being in their 50’s, and move to Boulder where Adriana’s sister lives.

Adriana’s first job in the U.S. was as a housekeeper at a local hotel.  She has a master’s degree but felt she was back at square one. She knew that excelling in English would be the ticket back to her career path in merchandising.

Within a few weeks of arriving in Colorado, she found Intercambio and jumped in, taking classes four nights a week. After two years, Adriana started applying for jobs in her field. One of her Intercambio teachers helped her redesign her resume to help her compete in the job market.

When COVID-19 hit, as with many frontline workers, Adriana was laid off.  Not to be stopped, she continued applying for jobs and landed an entry-level position in merchandising.

Now, you’ll find Adriana using her expertise while working with store managers for seasonal campaigns.

Adriana explains that knowing the language is only one piece. She has been enjoying weekly coffee dates with a native English-speaking friend who she met at Intercambio. “Having close relationships with [U.S.] Americans is how you truly understand the new culture you are living in and become part of it,” said Adriana. The teachers, staff, and friends that Adriana and Carlos have met in our programs have made Colorado not just the place they live, but their true home.

Thousands of immigrants in our community can empower themselves through English education, all because of your support. Hundreds of adults in Boulder County are taking classes online with their volunteer teachers, using our outstanding new curriculum Confidence and Connections.

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