Aisha Jono- The Middle Eastern Snowman

At 56 years old, Syrian native Aisha Jounou hoped to find peace and safety in her new home and learn basic English skills to help make life a little easier. She never expected to rediscover her child-like sense of joy.    

Being accustomed to the mild Mediterranean winters, the Colorado cold and snow was an adjustment for Aisha and her family. When her volunteer teacher Doyen suggested building a snowman after reading about them in class one day, Aisha was intrigued and headed out into the snow.    

Soon her family members joined in, experiencing their first true snow day. With snowballs flying, the family embraced the safety and security to play with abandon.  

Aisha built her very own snowman that day. Instead of buttons for the eyes, Aisha made her snowman a little more unique. The family’s host, Kathy, said, “Blueberries just weren’t right. So, Aisha’s snowman has middle eastern OLIVE eyes!”  

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