Announcing Digital Slideshows for Confidence and Connections Teachers!

Intercambio is launching a new way for teachers to use Confidence and Connections!

Starting August 1, you will have access to digital slideshows for each lesson in the Confidence and Connections series with new purchases of teacher books, accessible via login to the Intercambio website.

The digital slideshows are organized by book and lesson. They can be viewed full screen on your computer monitor to use while teaching online classes, or by projecting onto a screen during in person classes.

Each slide is interactive enabling teachers to show the question, then click to reveal the answer. Additionally, audio tracks are embedded on the slides, making it easier to complete each lesson with your student(s).

Lifetime access will be included to all slides for lessons in the entire Confidence and Connections series with the purchase of each teacher book. If you purchase one book, you will get access for one user; if you purchase 3 books, you will get access for three users. As teachers in your program change, you will be able to add and remove users from your allotted seats at any time.

Also, effective August 1st, the price of Confidence and Connections books will increase by $1 per student book. We will continue to offer discounts on purchases of 50 or more student books. The price of teacher books will also increase by $3 per book. Each teacher book will include access for one user to the teaching slides.

The materials we proudly share with you continue to be developed with the expertise of community ESOL practitioners, and revenue supports our efforts in running our own ESOL programming. We hope you love our resources and always welcome your positive and constructive feedback.

We appreciate the work you do to bring English learners and community volunteers together in language classes and gatherings to build skills, confidence, and life-changing connections.

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