Norma and Linda embracing

Patience and Passion: An Unstoppable Pair

After looking for a concrete way to create impact in her community, long-time Boulder County resident Linda registered to volunteer with Intercambio. “I signed up to teach, and they, thank goodness, paired me with Norma. We’ve been together for five and a half years,” she says.

Teaching English at Intercambio is a Piece of Cake

“My name is Shel Gerding. I’ve been volunteering for Intercambio for a couple of years now, where I teach English to adults. My background is that I have a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and I didn’t have much linguistic training.  However, I’ve always been really interested in languages.  I’ve traveled a lot, and I can speak a little bit of French…”

New Intercambio App Features!

Did you know we have an app to support teachers and learners using our Confidence and Connections curriculum? We are excited to announce that we

Pearl and her son

Life Became Easier With English

Pearl says she “could only barely speak English” when she moved to Colorado in 2015. After learning English through Intercambio, everything changed.

Grateful for the Challenge

Fernanda and her family moved to Florida from Brazil a couple of years ago, and she’s been meeting with her English teacher Pat for nearly a year through Intercambio’s online program, called CC English.  

Paying it Forward

We recently sat down with Jorge Hurtado, a long-time teacher at Intercambio, to learn more about him and why he enjoys teaching. 

An Exciting Opportunity to Magnify Our Impact

After a few months of being part of the Intercambio team, I’ve found the collective passion of our board, staff, participants, and other stakeholders to achieve our mission incredibly genuine and inspiring….