Business Owner Yuhong Builds Connections & Happiness in the U.S.

English language learner, business owner, mother, and valued community member Yuhong shares her challenges when moving to the United States and how she’s working to overcome them.

“My name is Yuhong. I come from China. Seven years ago, my family immigrated to America because my children’s education. When I arrived to America, I just speak a little English. I always feel nervous. I can do nothing.  

I have a business, a clothes company in China. I do the business 30 years. When I first living in the U.S., I always thinking I want to go back to China. Because the language is so difficult for me. As you know, in the family, there are a lot of things you need to to, like to read a letter, to do taxes. So I began studying English, and then my friends told me Intercambio is very good.   

When I joined Intercambio, I feel the teacher is friendly. I love her because she always happy, and always talking with me about her life and drinks coffee with us. Sometimes we have a party together. I think it’s not only to study English, it’s to study how to live, how to love, how to give somebody something. I love it.   

My husband and I study at Intercambio. I can’t believe it’s like a big family. It’s very nice. I think I will study English a long time at Intercambio, and I think I will speak English fluently in the future. It’s my dream.

I think it is a big change for me. Before, I can do nothing, but now, I have an ice cream store. We work at my store with my husband. I can take an order; I can talk with some people. When children get the ice cream, they always smile. I feel happy. Now, I can do the things that I like. I think it is very good.   

I love living here because now I can speak a little English, and I have a lot of friends. We think we will live here a long time with my children. It’s amazing.   

I want to thank Intercambio — the teachers, the students. It’s very good. I want more people to come here to study English. Maybe your English will improve. Maybe your life will be better and better.”

Can you help Yuhong help other immigrants to build the connections and skills they need to succeed in the U.S.?

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