We All Count: Intercambio’s Census Outreach Work

In March 2020, with the support of the Colorado Health Foundation, the Rose Community Foundation, and the Community Foundation Boulder County, Intercambio hired one of our former students, Gabriela Monge, to conduct census outreach. In collaboration with a county-wide effort to reach “hard-to-count” populations, she worked closely with other Cultural Brokers across Boulder County to … Read more

From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Moving to a new home can feel like starting over. There is isolation from not knowing anyone. There is an overwhelming feeling of not knowing the neighborhood. There is that annoying feeling that you should know where the grocery store is but don’t. It’s enough to leave a person feeling lonely and longing for connection and … Read more

What to Expect in the Unexpected

The wave of emotions that comes with expecting your first child is unlike any other. You feel joy and anxiety, excitement, and nervousness. You know life will change forever when your little one enters the world. Now, imagine having those feelings – and living in a country where you don’t speak the native language. Imagine … Read more

The Perfect Match

It was the perfect match of ability and passion… Then COVID-19 hit. Tara, a former public school teacher and volunteer here at Intercambio, loved her service in the community. But when the coronavirus hit, all Intercambio’s classes came to a standstill. She wondered, could she still teach? But, thanks to your kind support, Tara reports: … Read more

2019 Gratitude Report

Together, we are building bridges that connect people in a meaningful way. Learn more about our impact in our 2019 Gratitude Report! [button color=”purple” link=”https://intercambio.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Intercambio-Gratitude-Report201819_web.pdf” size=”default” target=”_self” block=”false”]READ THE REPORT[/button]

Jared Polis joins Intercambio students to aid in food bank

Congressman Jared Polis joined volunteers from around Boulder County at the Sister Carmen Community Center Food Bank in Lafayette from 9:45 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. on July 2nd. Among the volunteers were 20 students from Intercambio, a non-profit that provides affordable English and culture classes to adults in and around Boulder County. Some of these … Read more

Staff Profile – Lee Shainis

Position at Intercambio: Executive Director What are some interesting facts about you? •          I cut my hair every two weeks •          I occasionally have my toenails painted •          My parents are neighbors •          I’m addicted to Fruit Strips •          I love South Park What is your favorite book? What Every Immigrant Needs to Know What … Read more

Staff Profile – Rachel Fuchs

Position at Intercambio: Academic Director What are some interesting facts about you? •          I was in the rodeo at the Boulder County Fair when I was 6 •          I’m an only child •          I’ve always wanted a pet pig—and still do! What is your favorite book? It’s too hard to choose just one! Today, I’ll … Read more