Elevate to a Higher Level: Intercambio Attended the COABE 2023 National Conference

Intercambio staff at COABE
Intercambio staff at COABE (L-R): Joanna Watkins, Assistant Director of Marketing; John Lopez, Chief Executive Officer; Leanne Chacon, Director of Curriculum and Training; Karin Bates, Curriculum and Training Specialist

Intercambio staff were among nearly 3,000 attendees at the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) 2023 National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on April 2-5. Our Curriculum and Training Department presented interactive workshops on Modeling Cultural Humility to Build Belonging in English Classes, 4 Myths and Truths About Adult English Language Learning, Sparking Conversations about Race and Equity with English Learners, and Pronunciation for Adult English Language Learners.

COABE is the leading national organization representing the adult education system. The organization provides award-winning leadership, communication, professional development, and advocacy services to more than 79,000 adult educators and 1.5 million adult learners.

Intercambio’s Karin Bates leads a workshop at COABE

Karin Bates, Curriculum and Training Specialist at Intercambio, shares, “COABE continues to be a place where Intercambio can showcase all the great things we are doing, such as work on Cultural Humility and Conversations on Race and Equity student/course materials, and the work we are doing with more traditional topics, such as how to teach pronunciation or looking at misconceptions about adult language learning. We are making solid contributions to the fields of adult education and teaching English to speakers of other languages and moving understanding in these fields forward.” Intercambio received positive feedback on our interactive workshops and materials, and we enjoyed networking with other thought leaders.

Intercambio’s Leanne Chacon leads a workshop

Additionally, speaking with ESOL practitioners helps Intercambio improve our curriculum and resources. Leanne Chacon, Director of Curriculum and Training at Intercambio, states, “By attending conferences like COABE, Intercambio is able to learn more about what organizations in the field of adult ESOL are looking for, so that we can make better decisions about future product development and promotion.

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