Try an Adult English Curriculum Proven Effective and Affordable to All

Developed by a nonprofit organization that teaches English to adults

Interactive English helps to overcome the challenges faced by adult English programs. Life Skills based content is student and teacher-friendly. Shorter completion cycles allow students to experience the achievement of completing a book even when they are unable to make a long-term uninterrupted commitment to language learning.


Student & Teacher Books

For adults to learn and improve reading, writing, listening and speaking English

  • 6-level, 12-book series
  • (16) 90-minute to 2-hour lessons
  • Developed for classroom and one-on-one learning environments
  • Pronunciation focus includes Color Vowel(tm) Chart and Pronunciation Fun
  • Consistent structure: topic. vocabulary, grammar, real life practice, culture tip and homework
  • Teacher book offer activities, expansion ideas and engagement tips for every part of the lesson
  • Used by novice to experienced teachers
  • Free training available

Pronunciation Fun – Supplement

  • Minimal pairs with words and pictures
  • Strong instructions for how to use
  • Free online videos

Pronunciation Videos

Free Sample PDF


Placement Tests

Place your student at the appropriate Interactive English level and check for advancement.

Listening Tools

Listening is challenging. Every lesson includes a listening activity.

  • Available on CD and online
  • Recorded tracks feature many speakers to help students become familiar with a variety of voices
  • Scripts for listening tracks are in Teacher books
  • Free training and videos with listening strategies

Free Online Listening Tracks

Essential Program Kit – BEING UPDATED – Available September 2018

  • 6-hour Teacher Training with Facilitator script
  • Customizable student orientations in both English and Spanish
  • Forms for setting student goals
  • Activity cards for leading workshops for students and teachers on pronunciation and on the laws, systems and culture for living and succeeding in the U.S. (See The Immigrant Guide.)

Online Resources for Students, Teachers, and Administrators

Intercambio provides ongoing support for the users of Interactive English Curriculum, including:

I have been able to grow the Adult / Parent ESL Program from one school, from one class at one site that I taught, to now four sites offered this year for families in our school district.

Rachel Kimbrow