Boulder County Volunteers

Confidence and Connections offers features for easier teaching and simpler learning.


  • For 1-on-1 and group classes
  • 5-levels + Intro Book (available January 2020)
  • 2 books per level (L= Left + R = Right) Begin with either.
  • Practical life skills topics
  • 6 page lessons, includes homework
  • (2) Reviews and measurable Progress Checks per book
  • Pronunciation and Culture Tips
  • Teacher books include lesson pages with call outs for teaching
  • Teacher books include training section in back
  • Free downloadable listening tracks – try our new app (coming soon)
  • Ideal for low-moderate level literacy adults


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  • The series centers around the practical life skills adults need to succeed. With a clean, fresh and updated look, it is organized to present and practice new content and make that content personal. Every lesson includes pronunciation, a cross-cultural sharing culture tip and ends with a conversation.
  • The Teacher Book includes an embedded full-color student book along with callouts for easy teaching and more fun. It also includes 20 pages of How To’s and Expansion ideas.
  • There are scorable Progress Checks at lessons 8 and 16 that check on listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Listening Dialogs are completely downloadable. Once downloaded, you and your students can play from smart phones, tablets and computers – no Internet required after download.

The Teacher Resource webpage has a few downloadable Activity Cards based on topics. We will be adding more over time.

There are two books per level, a LEFT (L) and RIGHT (R). You can begin with either L or R, but students need to finish both books to complete a level.

(Level 1) Beginner: Little or no knowledge of English

(Level 2) High Beginner: Begin practice past and future tenses, learn to compare and describe.

(Level 3) Low Intermediate:  Continues to solidify their knowledge and use of present, past and future tenses, give advice and make offers and predictions.

(Level 4) Intermediate: Adds more complex grammatical structures through targeted listening and speaking exercises, more abstract dialogue about experiences, hypothetical situations and opinions.

(Level 5) High Intermediate: Strengthen knowledge and ability to correctly use verb tenses and structures in realistic, conversation-building contexts.

In January 2020, we will release the Intro Book for Confidence and Connections. The Intro Book is a single 16-lesson book that begins with teaching the English alphabet and basic sentence structure. It provides Reviews every 3 lessons so teachers can monitor progress more closely. Students can repeat the Intro Book until they are ready to move into level 1.

All new volunteers starting in August 2019 will begin using the new curriculum as soon as they are trained on it. Continuing Group volunteers will begin fall 2019. Home volunteers will transition only after they complete their current level of Interactive English, but not before September.

Staff and trained volunteers will be individually testing all students. If you are interested in learning how you might be able to help with student placement, contact Gracie.

Yes. This curriculum is different. Every teacher should sign up for this training. Sign up HERE.

We began by collecting feedback from our volunteers and national partners on what could be improved. Internally, Lee Shainis, Executive Director, led the staff and board on our Theory of Change and how we strengthen communities. Finally, we harnessed our experienced and talented staff who (along with some outside help) wrote, reviewed, and designed the materials. Several volunteer teachers also helped us with reviewing lessons and providing input.

In addition to our Boulder County program, we are transitioning all our national partners to Confidence and Connections for their fall 2019. Please join a Behind the Scenes to learn more about our national outreach.

If you have any questions about the new curriculum and transition process, please feel free to contact either Gracie (Group Teachers) or Leanne (Home Teachers.)