Distance Learning Tools

Below are some online learning links, platforms and resources that we hope will be useful for allowing you to continue to connect with your students:

Zoom: An online free video-conferencing platform. Some of our teachers have already had successful sessions.  Students will need to download the Zoom app on their smart phone or connect through a laptop with a video and microphone.

WhatsApp: A free app for smartphones that allows for easy video conferencing. Best for use when both the teacher and student will be using a smartphone.

Some other options for video conferencing that teachers have found helpful include FaceTime (Apple products) and Facebook Messenger. If nothing else, a weekly phone conversation or check-in with your students could also be beneficial in helping you both to feel connected and for them to continue to practice their English during this time.

More Tips & Tools for Distance & Online Learning

Additional Resources

These resources from partner organizations cover distance learning and more during COVID-19.