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As of June 1, 2020, our payment policy has changed. All orders must be paid in advance. We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, checks and Purchase Orders. Written and signed Purchase Orders are an acceptable form of payment, and may be sent to orders@intercambio.org. Purchases made my purchase order must be paid within 60 days of receipt of product. Accounts with unpaid purchases will immediately be placed on hold after 60 days and no new products will be shipped until payment on original order is received. For additional questions, please contact resources@intercambio.org

Orders placed online by noon MST/MDT Monday through Friday will ship the next business day. Orders placed online after noon MST/MDT or on the weekends will ship in 2 business days. Orders placed by phone or email generally ship within 2 business days. Intercambio offers two shipping rates with USPS – media mail and priority mail. Once shipped, media mail typically arrives in 8 business days; priority mail typically arrives within 3 business days. Please NOTE: USPS is experiencing significant shipping delays and typical shipping times cannot be guaranteed. Please plan accordingly. You will receive an email with tracking information when your order ships. (Note: as this tracking email is auto-generated, it may end up in your junk mail.)

Intercambio offers two shipping rates with USPS – media mail and priority mail. Once shipped, media mail typically arrives in 8 business days; priority mail should arrive within 3 business days. You will receive an email with tracking information when your order ships. (Note: as this tracking email is auto-generated, it may end up in your junk mail.)

Please NOTE: As of fall 2020, USPS is experiencing significant shipping delays and typical shipping times cannot be guaranteed. Please plan accordingly.

If you have paid for priority mail, and have not received your order in 10 days from date of shipment, contact us to make arrangements. If you have paid for media mail, and have not received your order in 3 weeks from date of shipment, contact us to make arrangements. Please use this email address: orders@intercambio.org. We do not refund shipping costs.

Shipping is calculated for you when you order online. If you have any questions, or need help calculating your shipping costs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee.

All products offer a quantity discount.
Confidence and Connections is based on your total book purchase: 1-49 and 50+.
The Immigrant Guide and Pronunciation Fun quantity discounts occur at a quantity of 100 and 500 books.  

Listening tracks for Confidence & Connections are available on the Intercambio app, which can be used on tablets and smartphones. To download the free app, visit:

Intercambio.org/AppleICApp (Apple products)

Intercambio.org/AndroidICApp (Android products)

Once the app is installed and opened, you will select the appropriate Level (number and letter). You will then see the track list for the book and be able to play the listening track for your lesson.

All sales are final.  Additionally, please be sure to confirm that the shipping address you enter is correct before placing your order. Intercambio will not be responsible for orders shipped incorrectly to the address provided in the order.

Watch this How To Video!
  1. Go to intercambio.org/shop/.
  2. Click on the ‘Confidence and Connections Digital View’ product.
  3. Read through the product description to ensure that the digital view product fits your needs.
  4. Click the ‘Preview or Purchase Digital View’ button, or click the book cover image, to preview that book in digital view.
    • The preview includes the first, eighth, and ninth lessons of each book. To see more, you will need to purchase digital view access via Issuu.com.
  5. When you’re ready to purchase digital view, you must purchase on Issuu.com. Click the blue ‘Purchase Digital View’ button OR the green ‘Buy 10 USD’ / ‘Buy 15 USD’ buttons to be directed to Issuu.com to purchase.
  6. If you already have an account on Issuu.com, click ‘Sign In’.
  7. If you have never made an account on Issuu.com, enter a valid email and your card details.
    • An Issuu account will be made for you upon purchase. After completing your Issuu purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Open that email and click the ‘Verify Purchase’ button. This will send a second email. Open that email and click the blue ‘Claim your account’ text to create a password for Issuu.
  8. Once your order has gone through, a confirmation page will appear. Click ‘Read Your Publication’.
  9. You now have full access to all pages of the selected book’s digital view.

Note: Issuu does not have a cart function, therefore you will need to repeat steps 5 – 9 to purchase multiple books in digital view.

Watch this How To Video!
      1. Go to issuu.com and sign in to your account.
      2. On the top right navigation bar, hover over ‘Read’, then click ‘Purchases’.
      3. Click on the book you’d like to open for digital view.
      4. Scroll through pages by clicking the left and right arrows.
        • Or, click and drag left or right to turn a page.
        • Or, use the sliding bar on the bottom left to quickly jump to another section of the book.
        • Note: The page numbers in the digital view product do not correspond to the page numbers in the physical textbook.
      5. Use the full screen function (bottom right icon) and the zoom in/out sliding bar to set up digital view on your screen for easy use in video conferencing screen sharing or projecting lessons.
        • When zoomed in on a page, click and drag to move around the view of the page.
      6. You are now set up to use your digital view of Confidence and Connections for online classes or projecting on a screen in a classroom setting.
      7. Reach out to resources@intercambio.org with any questions.

Note: The digital files of Confidence and Connections books on Issuu.com are NOT downloadable. Therefore, you will need an internet connection to access digital view, either directly on the Issuu website, or by downloading the free Issuu app. To download the Issuu app, click HERE for Apple products or HERE for Android products.

Note: You can share this digital view product with others who may be interested. Click ‘Share’ at the top right of your screen. Select your method for sharing. This will post/send a link to this specific book. However, the recipient will be required to purchase their own copy of the digital view book for full access. The ‘Share’ function does NOT make it so that others can view the full book without purchasing access for themselves.

Watch this How To Video!

Set up your account with multiple addresses in advance:

  1. Go to intercambio.org/my-account/, or click ‘My Account’ on the top right of any page on Intercambio’s website.
  2. Click ‘Addresses’ from the navigation menu.
  3. First, make sure you’ve added a default billing and shipping address to your account. Click the blue ‘Add’ text, or if you need to make changes to a previously entered address, click the blue ‘Edit’ text, to enter your default addresses.
  4. Then, to enter secondary shipping addresses, click the orange ‘Add Address’ button.
  5. Enter the address, then click ‘Save Address’.
  6. Repeat steps 4 – 5 as many times as addresses you need to enter.

Checkout using multiple addresses:

  1. After adding all needed items to your cart from intercambio.org/shop, from your cart, click the orange ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button.
  2. Click the orange ‘Enter or Choose Addresses’ button.
  3. Each individual product in your cart will appear on a separate line, including multiples of the same product (i.e. the number of lines will match the total number of items in your cart, not the number of different products). For each line, select the address from the drop down for that product. To send multiples to one address, each product will need to have the correct address selected on each separate line.
    • If you need to update quantities of products, you may do so from this page. Simply click the orange ‘Delete’ button to reduce the quantity, or edit the number in the quantity box to add. Click ‘Update’. Note that for increasing the quantity, after clicking ‘Update’, the products will be split into separate lines, each with a quantity of 1.
    • The options from the drop down bar will include the addresses you entered into your account in steps 1 – 6. If you didn’t complete those steps in advance, just click the blue ‘Add a new shipping address’ text to enter a new shipping address. If you enter a new address during the Checkout process, it will save the address to your account for future use. Both processes result in saving multiple addresses to your account; the only difference is if you decide to enter those before placing an order or while doing so.
  4. Click ‘Update’ to see changes and stay on the same page, or click the orange ‘Save Addresses and Continue’ button to save and return to the Checkout page.
  5. Under ‘Your order’, review the products and quantities for each shipping address, making sure it has been entered accurately before placing your order.
    • The first line items under ‘Your order’ reflect the total quantities of each product in your entire order. The gray boxes underneath ‘Shipping Methods’ reflect the quantities being sent to each address.
    • Note that you can select different shipping methods – either Media or Priority Mail – for each address. Click the drop down arrow on the shipping method to change.
    • If you need to make any changes to the addresses or quantities, click the blue ‘Modify address’ text, or scroll back to the top and click the orange ‘Modify/Add Address’ button.
      • Note that in order to change a specific address (if there is a typo, for example), you’ll need to click ‘Add a new shipping address’, then click the orange ‘Edit’ button under the address you’d like to modify. Click ‘Update Address’.
  6. Once confirming your order has been entered accurately, enter your payment information, then click the orange ‘Place Order’ button.

The Immigrant Guide is offered in English, Spanish, Arabic, Burmese, Karen, and Somali.  Please check the Immigrant Guide page for the most up-to-date languages offered.

Knowing that many immigrants have a basic understanding of English, we have written this guide with the most basic vocabulary possible while still providing important information. We have added pictures to the English and Spanish versions of the guide to illustrate certain topics.

We offer a FREE PDF Download of our placement test to help you determine the best level for your student(s). This short oral and written test makes it easy to assess your students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities. The step-by-step instructions make it easy for anyone to assess a student’s English skills.

Download Placement Test