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You can mix and match all of the resources to best fit the needs of your organization. We also offer small samplers and other kits. Click the product links below for discount information.

Product How Many? Price?

English Language Curriculum Placement Test

1 PDF download

Free Download


Student and Teacher Books

1 Student Book per student

1 Teacher Book per teacher

Student Books $10/each

Teacher Books $15/each


Free Teacher Book Download


Pronunciation Fun

1 per student Order
The Immigrant Guide

The Immigrant Guide

1 per student Order


Conversation Booklet

1 PDF download FREE with purchase of 20 guides / $10 Hard Copy



The Immigrant Guide Workshop

1 PDF download FREE with purchase of 20 guides / $10 Hard Copy



Listening CDs

1 Set Per Program $2/each or $24 for all – FREE Listening Online


Listen Online

All products are priced on a sliding scale based on quantity purchases.Interactive English curriculum quantity discounts occur at a quantity of 50 and 100 books. Immigrant Guide and Pronunciation Fun quantity discounts occur at a quantity of 100 and 500 books.  

All sales are final. 

The Interactive English curriculum is only offered in English. It is designed to be taught to any English Language Learner (ELL), no matter their native language.

The Immigrant Guide is offered in English, Spanish, Arabic, Burmese, Karen, and Somali.  Please check the Immigrant Guide page for the most up-to-date languages offered.

Knowing that many immigrants have a basic understanding of English, we have written this guide with the most basic vocabulary possible while still providing important information. We have added pictures to the English and Spanish versions of the guide to illustrate certain topics.

We offer a FREE PDF Download of our placement test to help you determine the best level for your student(s). This short oral and written test makes it easy to assess your students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities. The step-by-step instructions make it easy for anyone to assess a student’s English skills.

Download Placement Test