David Freeman

David has been a fantastic addition to the Intercambio family since starting with us in May. He hit the ground running and has kept it up! David’s journey into teaching language is a perfect example of an adventure. Read what he has to say to learn more…

After 20-years in IT I decided that I should try something new. I began learning Spanish in January 2013 and went to Ecuador in March. I was terrified to use my new language as the more I tried to communicate, the less confidence I had. On the plane home I thought teaching English to non-native speakers might be just my thing – providing empowerment to people who really need it. I had been to Intercambio training a number of years before but I didn’t follow through. This time, I realized during the training that I was really going to like it. I got my first class in May and it was a lot of fun. I immediately signed up to get my Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate. I taught for Intercambio again in the summer of 2013 and that was all I needed to decide to move forward! I got my first paid job teaching English in September and I really enjoy it so far. If I’d not taken the time to work through Intercambio, I likely would not have moved forward with this career.

Intercambio does great work. They offer many opportunities for their students to learn English and life skills – most of the opportunities I’ve heard of from the students themselves! The staff at Intercambio is caring and knows all the students by name. They have many return students and I think that is a testament to the training the staff provides and the quality of instruction the teachers produce.

David Freeman and Class