Paying it Forward

Deepa McCauley has a special connection to the Intercambio student experience. As a first-generation immigrant from India, she spent much of her childhood interpreting for her parents who hardly spoke any English. The responsibility was often at odds with being a kid, yet Deepa’s parents counted on her. “I know that children right now are probably experiencing the same thing. I am so thankful I can do something to help them!” she says.

Deepa has always had a heart for volunteering, and five years ago, she started teaching group classes with Intercambio. “It was almost like it was calling my name,” she says. 

Bringing together many different cultures is one of Deepa’s favorite things about Intercambio. She celebrates Diwali in her classroom, introducing some of her students to the holiday for the very first time. “They come and celebrate with me and ask questions, and I can explain to them the real reasons [for things] that they’ve just seen on TV,” she says.

Looking back on her parents’ journey, Deepa knows Intercambio could have made a difference.“I really wish my parents had Intercambio, not only to learn English but to also learn the culture,” she shares. “They are so proud of me!”

Learn more about Deepa’s story in the video below!

Your $100 donation supports a student/teacher pair for one month of classes, covering books, training, and support for volunteer teachers like Deepa.

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