Developing Critical Reading and Thinking Skills Using Metaphors

One of our teachers was awarded a scholarship to attend the 2012 CAEPA (Colorado Adult Education Professional Association) conference.

Per the scholarship requirements, she compiled her notes from the very best sessions for the rest of you!


Developing Critical Reading & Thinking Skills Using Metaphors

It’s important to develop critical thinking skills in order to gain the ability to go beyond basic comprehension and gain insight while reading.

–          Do not simplify the text, as it will not be authentic anymore, just simplify the activity.

–          Teaching metaphors facilitates the learning process.

Metaphor vs. Simile

Life is like a box of chocolates – a simile

Life is a box of chocolates – a metaphor

When reading, determine general and specific information. What is the author’s purpose, author’s intended audience, point of view, tone, and author’s intended  meaning?

When teaching reading, depending on the level, break the text into small parts. For example use only two lines of reading for the lower level classroom. Activity: put two lines of the text on cards and have the students put them into the correct sequence.