Engaging in Cultural Differences: Reflection and Tools for
Cross-Cultural Interactions

This interactive two-hour workshop will impact your organization and everyday interactions by equipping your team with tools to become more self-aware and to accelerate your ability to learn about diverse cultural lenses and behaviors.

Following this workshop, we hope you will emerge with courage to pursue and learn deeply from interactions crossing cultural barriers (nationality, race, income, religion, etc.) rather than avoiding them.

Through experiential and group activities, you will:

  • Reflect on your own cultural lens, values, implicit biases, and judgments
  • Discuss cultural humility and how to maximize your learning
  • Examine differences such as time, communication, space, honesty, control, hierarchy and more
  • Practice using tools to transform judgments into observations

For those interested, there is also an element on tips to communicate better with non-native English speakers.

During this training with your team you will to get to know each other better and discuss common conflicts caused by deep-rooted cultural differences. Plan to connect in a meaningful way with your peers who have a different lens than you.

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We have led this workshop for over 100 organizations!

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Typical cost is $500 for this workshop. We provide a discount for non-profit organizations. Currently, we are offering the workshop via Zoom, so it’s easily accessible.

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