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If you live in Boulder County, Colorado, Intercambio is continuing to offer online classes for the rest of 2021. We have two sets of classes mornings and evenings. Please fill the form below to start the process.

Local Student Wait List

You can also call us at: 720- 771-4986

We also offer online classes to anyone living anywhere in the United States. We are accepting students for online classes now. If you want more information, or to register, please to go CCEnglish.org.

In-person classes are postponed at this time.

If you have questions, please contact us at students@intercambio.org.

Learning English can be hard, Intercambio makes it practical and fun!

¡Aprender Inglés puede ser difícil, Intercambio lo hace práctico y divertido!

Achieve Your Goals

Learn what you need:
Aprenda lo que necesita:

  1. Communicate with your supervisor, co-workers, teachers, doctors.
    Comuníquese con su supervisor, compañeros de trabajo, maestros y doctores.
  2. Get a job, or earn a promotion.
    Obtenga un empleo o consiga una promoción.
  3. Help your kids in school and support your family.
    Ayude a sus niños en la escuela y apoye a su familia.
  4. Make friends and be part of your community.
    Haga amigos y sea parte de su comunidad.

We place you in one of our seven levels of classes according to your ability.
Le asignamos uno de nuestros siete niveles de clase acorde con su habilidad.

Individual tutors meet with you at your home, a library or a cafe. We match you with a teacher based on gender, location, and meeting time.
Los tutores se reunen con usted en su hogar, la librería o en un café.  Le asignamos un maestro de acuerdo a su género, localización y horario disponible.

10-12 Week Course

New students: $45
Nuevos estudiantes

Continuing Students: $25
Estudiantes de reingreso

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“I can see the progress in [in my English], I don’t need to wait in line for an interpreter when making an appointment!”

Guadalupe Pineda, Intercambio student