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We offer 7 levels of classes in Boulder County at over 200 locations in the morning, afternoon and evening. Please complete the class info request and we will get back to you about upcoming classes. You can also see the calendar for times and locations of group classes.

If you plan to live in Boulder County for less than a year, or if you can only attend class one day a week, contact us before attending class. info@intercambio.org

Learning English can be hard, Intercambio makes it fun!

Achieve Your Goals

Learn what you need:

  1. Communicate with your supervisor, co-workers, teachers, doctors.
  2. Get a job, or earn a promotion.
  3. Help your kids in school and support your family.
  4. Make friends and be part of your community.

We place you in one of our seven levels of classes according to your ability.

Individual tutors meet with you at your home, a library or a cafe. We match you with a teacher based on gender, location, and meeting time.

10-12 Week Course

New students: $45 ($35 to register, $10 for books/materials)

Continuing Students: $25 ($15 to register, $10 for books/materials)

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“Other schools have teachers and students, but Intercambio has friends.”

Inna Pnomaryova, Intercambio student