Citizenship Classes



Are you preparing to take the citizenship exam? This series is taught in English and recommended for students with an English level of 4 or higher. You’ll learn vocabulary and civics information to help you pass the Citizenship exam.

Please email for more information.

Pronunciation Seminars

Ideal for current students who would like techniques and tips for how to enhance their speaking skills. We will use the Color Vowel Chart and Pronunciation Fun to tackle vowels sounds, challenging consonants and minimal pairs.

US Culture

A fun and engaging workshop that helps immigrants learn the laws, systems, and culture for living and succeeding in the US. For example, learn what to do if you are stopped by the police, how to avoid identify theft and when to go to an emergency room.

Conversation and Reading

Many specialized groups form after students complete higher level ESL classes through Intercambio®. These include reading groups and conversation classes – a great way to continue to practice English and continue friendships.

Computer Literacy

Intercambio® partners with local nonprofits to offer periodic sessions on topics such as how to set up email accounts, navigate the internet, and use Excel. These classes are personalized to fit the needs of the students.