Feature Friday: Alejandro

Alejandro Rivas_Mexico_Color
Alejandro is an extremely lively and outgoing Intercambio student taking classes in Longmont. At Intercambio, Alejandro appreciates the breadth of countries that are all represented in one space. From his interactions with students from places such as China and Libya, he finds he consistently enjoys the community and the friendships that accompany it.


Alejandro is a welder, and hopes that English will help him achieve a higher level in his career. Welding is a large part of his life, and he enjoys expressing his artistic creativity. During his lunch break, he recently crafted a detailed snake out of metal. “It takes only imagination!” he exclaims.


Alejandro has been with the program for about nine years and some of his fondest memories stem from his time with his first teachers, Brett and Sienna. He remembers that the class was, “hilarious, fun,” and filled with,” food, jokes, and so much laughing.”  The importance of English education is reflected in his statement: “I think people that speak two languages have a new power.”