Feature Friday: Isauro Ramierez Flores




Isauro is a jovial Level 7 Intercambio student from Mexico. He started in Level 4 about two years ago, and worked his way up. Every time he comes, he learns “something different, and something important,” he explains. Isauro also likes meeting people from all over the world, having students in his class from far-away locations such as Russia.


Isauro often applies what he is learning outside of class. He watches the news, TV shows, and movies in English to improve his language skills. He used recently-acquired vocab learned in class when he was calling the DMV for a driver’s license appointment and when reading the names of fruits and vegetables in the supermarket.


He knows that it takes effort, and comments that he always tries to fix his work schedule to accommodate Intercambio classes. He is even recommending Intercambio to other family members; his mom, who is visiting from Mexico for six months has asked to enroll in classes, and they will come together.


He truly believes in the power of English to improve his life, and advises that learning is dependent on the student. “You have to put aside time for learning, studying, and trying, no matter if you are right or wrong. Never stop trying!” Isauro encourages with a smile.