Feature Friday: Lupe Gutierrez


Lupe is a vivacious Intercambio student who loves to dance and socialize. She explains, “When I didn’t speak English, I despaired, because I like to be sociable, and talk to everyone… I would always ask my son,’what did they tell me?’…I always wanted to know everything, and how to answer.”


Intercambio classes have given her the confidence to interact with others in the community.  “Now, just a little, I try to talk with people in English. I go to mass in English, and participate. I read, and pray, and sing in English. “ She also was able to communicate with a new English-speaking friend and with the owners of a local food bank while delivering food.


Lupe lives far away from her family: she has children in California and Australia. In her spare time, she enjoys talking with her children and grandchildren online, and seeing their pictures on Facebook. One of her hopes is to improve her technology and English skills in order to better communicate with them.


Lupe enjoys when her teachers employ games in class to make learning more dynamic. She remarks that she loves her teacher because she is always “friendly and polite.” Fun fact: Her favorite word in English that she has learned is “wonderful!”