Feature Friday: Maria Ramirez Silva

Feature Friday rolls on towards the end of the year as we continue to honor the achievements and successes of all the wonderful people involved with Intercambio! We by highlight one of our very own students this time around: Maria Ramirez Silva! She is one of our Boulder students who has been taking group and home classes with us since 2009. We asked her a few questions about her time at Intercambio and to share some of her experiences. This is what she said:

Tell me about someone you’ve met at Intercambio.
– Eithne, my teacher, is very great and treats me well. I am very happy to have been matched with her and the time she has spent with me. She is always well prepared and I can confide in her about anything. She is now more than a teacher, she’s an irreplaceable friend.

Tell me about a time when you couldn’t, or didn’t, say what you wanted to say.
– When I first came here, I didn’t know a thing and felt lost. I didn’t know my name, address, or phone number in English and it was hard communicating the simplest things.

What is something unexpected that you learned from your experience at Intercambio?
– I think convincing myself that learning English was possible. When I first started I didn’t think it would be possible to even know how much I do now. But, little by little, I learned and am happy with it.

Join us next week as we recognize another amazing individual of our wonderful Intercambio community!