Feature Friday: Mirtha Cital

We continue this month’s Feature Friday series by highlighting another of our wonderful students, Mirtha Cital! She has been working in home classes with her dedicated teacher, Ardie Dickson, and has been committed to always improve her English since day one. We asked her a few questions about her experience with Intercambio so far and this is what she said:

What is your most memorable experience at Intercambio?
– When my teacher Ardie went for a walk with me one day after class and gave me my first book. She was very excited and so was I and we have made it a thing. She brings me books every so often so I can read and we discuss them afterwards and I love learning more about them.

Tell me about someone you’ve met at Intercambio.
– My teacher, Ardie Dickson who is very sweet. I know her and am her student because of a matter of luck. She was once the pre-school director for one of my kids and when I got paired up with her, it was very exciting. She is always prepared and brings new ways to learn every time we meet. I really loved when we first started out, how we learned about recipes and worked on a recipe book.

What is something unexpected that you learned from your experience at Intercambio?
– During one of our readings, I had a lot of trouble with some of the sayings and I never expected to learn what they mean. My teacher says a lot of them are very old and are just other ways of saying things.

Join us next week as we recognize another amazing individual of our wonderful Intercambio community!