Feature Friday: Susan Herbert

Susan Herbert
Susan Herbert was looking for a volunteer opportunity and “the idea of teaching English to non-English speakers” intrigued her. What began as one-on-one lessons with her student, Maria, in 2014, has since grown when Maria asked if two friends could join. “So now the four of us sit around her dining table. What have I learned? That my students and I are a team and in reality we are teaching each other.”

How has teaching impacted your day-to day life, conversations, or how you connect with community? Has teaching inspired you to make any changes?
– I hope to take a Spanish language course soon so I can carry on a conversation with Latinos who do not speak English and gain even more appreciation of the Mexican culture.

What’s a significant accomplishment you’ve made as a teacher with Intercambio?
– Every time my students finish a lesson and can master a few more English words and concepts, I feel that is a significant accomplishment.

What teaching tips would you pass on to future Intercambio volunteer teachers?
– Prepare the lesson, enjoy the students and the teaching will happen.

Any additional comments?
– I feel very lucky to have these three remarkable women as my students.