Four Fun Activities for Teaching Prepositions

Name That Preposition

  • Define a preposition (a word that shows a relationship between a noun and another word), then have students brainstorm as many prepositions as they can think of. If the definition will be too complicated for your student, simply start them off with a couple of words that they know as prepositions (in, at, etc). They should be able to add more to the list on their own.
  • Alternatively, you can have them go around the room and come up with a new preposition – this would work best for prepositions of place (at, over, in, etc).

Preposition Scavenger Hunt

  • Using the list from the previous exercise, do a preposition scavenger hunt: Have the student step out of the room and hide something while they’re gone. When the student returns, direct him to the hidden object using only prepositions. Take turns – having the student hide objects and give you directions. Or, if you’re working with a group, have the other students give directions.

Prepositions in Context

  • Provide a passage from the text book (or another source) that includes a couple of prepositions. Ask the student to circle all of the prepositions they can find. In a group, make this a competition – the first person to find all of the prepositions, wins!

Use an Object

  • Provide your student with an easily movable object (a small ball, for example). Give directions for where that student should put the object (Put the ball on the book, etc.). Now, switch roles to have the student give you directions.