Freedom in Flexibility

jorgeand philip
Jorge Atola and Philip Prinz

After more than 33 years of teaching language development and speech-language pathology, Philip Prinz decided it was time to retire. But he also wondered how he could pursue his passion for teaching and fill the time on his hands.  

For Jorge Atola, finding time to improve his English language skills was challenging.  Coming from an academic background in his native Chile, Jorge felt like he was trapped because of his limited ability to speak English after immigrating to the United States. Balancing learning English with the responsibility of work and family commitments felt overwhelming.  

The answer for both came in the form of CC English; Intercambio’s online program, connecting students and volunteers across cultures from around the nation.  

As one of the first student/teacher pairs in the CC English pilot program in 2020, Philip and Jorge learned to engage in an entirely online class experience. “The challenges are sometimes greater being online, but Intercambio provides excellent training and support,” Philip said. 

Jorge says that after engaging with Philip and CC English he feels “much more comfortable and freer to express myself in English.”  In addition, the flexibility of this way of learning really works well for him. “My favorite part of class is talking with Philip about many different things, including politics, our families and work. We’re both interested in learning from each other.” 

Hear what Jorge, Philip, and others are saying about CC English in their own words in the video below.

Interested in teaching English? Become a CC English teacher today!

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