Jazz Chant: Simple Past and Simple Present

Jazz chants are a great way to introduce the idea of English syllable or sentence stress to English learners and to learn vocabulary.

You can use the following jazz chant to help students learn the past tense of many irregular verbs. Add a fun beat to the jazz chant to make it exciting.

Learn more about jazz chants here.

Jazz Chant with Rhyming Irregular Verbs

Buy – bought

Bring – brought

Catch – caught.

(Snap fingers twice)

Fight – fought

Teach – taught

Think – thought.

(Snap fingers twice)

Blow – blew

Grow – grew

Know – knew

Throw – threw.

(Snap fingers twice)

Ring – rang

Sing – sang.

(Snap fingers twice)

Break – broke

Speak – spoke

Wake – woke.

(Snap fingers twice)

Drink – drank

Sink – sank.

(Snap fingers twice)

Sell – sold

Tell – told

Ride – rode.

(Snap fingers twice)

Keep – kept

Sleep – slept

(Snap fingers twice)

Feed – fed

Lead – led

Read – read.

(Snap fingers twice)

Bend – bent

Lend – lent

Send – sent

Spend – spent.