From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Moving to a new home can feel like starting over. There is isolation from not knowing anyone. There is an overwhelming feeling of not knowing the neighborhood. There is that annoying feeling that you should know where the grocery store is but don’t. It’s enough to leave a person feeling lonely and longing for connection and community. 

By taking classes with Intercambio, Juan and Yuliana were able to practice their English and build confidence. More important, they were able to meet friends, learn about their community, and combat the feelings of isolation and loneliness that often come with moving.

Building friendships with students, teachers, and staff through classes at Intercambio made a big impact on Juan. He was left with the desire for more people to experience the same thing. Making the transition from student to board member and donor has been a key step in accomplishing that dream.

 “…there is something valuable [in] the Intercambio way of teaching English and [helping] to build communities oriented to that perfect union the country is continually seeking, to move this organization and programs to a national level, resources are needed and everything helps, those are the powerful reasons I have donated in the past and I will continue doing it on the years to come.”

Like Juan, your kind support ensures that Intercambio continues to fight isolation and unite communities through English language education. With your help, Intercambio will continue to innovate and reach new communities.

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