Finding Freedom

As a young girl, Katya Sogomonyan learned about the Statue of Liberty, but she never thought she would see it with her own eyes or experience the freedom that it symbolizes. Katya was born in Armenia and later escaped the war with her young family to Moscow. After her children had all grown, Katya joined them in the United States and started classes with Intercambio in 2014.   

Since that time, she has come a long way.  With a better understanding of English, she was able to move out of her daughter’s house, get her driver’s license, and find a better job.  After working hard to improve her English and living in the United States for many years, Katya became a U.S. citizen in February of 2020!  She felt comfortable reading, writing, and answering all the questions on the exam because of her confidence in her English.   

Katya has really taken advantage of living in the US and has traveled with her children to several places, including Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington D.C., New Mexico, Niagara Falls, and of course New York, where she was able to see the Statue of Liberty while experiencing her newfound sense of freedom and opportunity in the US. 

To hear about Katya’s experience in her own words check out the video below!

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