Lee’s Guide Conferences

Intercambio Uniting Communities is always on the move, serving new classes in more locations with every semester. However, our Executive Director, Lee Shainis, is also busy with an extensive project that has been recognized as both innovative and informative. For years, Lee has been making his way to ESL and TESOL conferences around the nation as well as holding webinars to help new English programs get solid footing in their own communities. Well over a decade of applicable experience has been manifested in an all-inclusive, 45 page guide titled The Immigrant Guide: What Every Immigrant Needs to Know, written by Lee Shainis. Over 60,000 copies of the guide have been adopted by hundreds of libraries, university resource centers, English agencies and individuals all over the nation for both its simplicity and affordability. The guides, in conjunction with the 12 part curriculum offered by Intercambio, provide a solid foundation from which anyone can begin and sustain an ESL program. With such economic uncertainty present today, few paths offer as many opportunities as learning another language. More information regarding how to request a free sample of Intercambio’s written material can be found at http://www.unitingresources.org/ or by emailing lee@unitingresources.org