Lessons that Question Stereotypes & Unlock Pride

Intercambio’s curriculum builds life-changing connections between teachers and students by initiating meaningful conversations that allow them to share personal and cultural perspectives.

Recently, CC English teacher Pat Hertzler shared an incredibly powerful response from her student during a lesson in our Confidence and Connections curriculum.

What do you think are the most common stereotypes about immigrants?

“I needed to research about it because talking to my husband, we could only think of one word for immigrants and it’s brave people. It’s never easy living in a different place and culture, even if it’s better than in [one’s] native country.

I read that the most common stereotype is [negative] since most of them are people without identification. Now, I’m living in a place with a lot of immigrants, and what I can see is hundreds of people working hard to build a better city, neighborhoods and houses. Most of them give their best to make a better place and are grateful for that.”

[Anonymous student journal response edited for readability]

Pat concluded proudly that “the Intercambio curriculum allows for students to develop a new vocabulary to share what they feel and allows for students to share what is in their hearts.” The Intercambio Way® of teaching English strives to do more than build English skills; it works to facilitate life-changing conversations and connections.

You can be a part of this great work too!

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