Life Became Easier With English

Pearl and her family

Pearl says she “could only barely speak English” when she moved to Colorado in 2015. As she reflects back on the experience, she recounts that after learning English through Intercambio, everything changed.

“I studied English for many years in school, but not much emphasis was focused on practical application. My listening and reading were able to help me make it just by, just so so. I knew if I wanted to participate in the U.S., I have to learn English. 

I was so grateful my mother-in-law found Intercambio and helped me to improve my English. The classes are affordable and flexible. I spent a few weekday nights, go to school after work for almost two years. My English is much better now.  

My teacher, Jorge, is an amazing guy. At the first time, he told me he’s an engineer. I was surprised, like, wow. I used to be a graphic designer, and I’m very interested in that part, but he’s high level. I was so happy I met him because his class is very funny and relaxed. I learned a lot of good things from him. It’s not only that I improved my English, but also skills like social skills, self-motivation, teamwork, and problem-solving, and you know, a lot of skills learned from him.  

Pearl and her son

Because of all of this, I found a better job. I found a job at CU Boulder as a graphic designer in sales. Everything has changed a lot.  

After my English get better, I have a lot of friends. I understand more and get my teaching certificate. Before I stayed at home [to have my baby], I am a preschool teacher. I’m a lead. That’s why I got my teacher’s license and learned a lot at CCA. And now I have my baby. And, you know, he learns two languages at the same time. 

When I saw the doctors, I couldn’t understand what they talk. There are so many hard words for me, and I couldn’t understand. After you’re familiar with all the words, life becomes easier. I can understand communication with all the teachers, even parents and the doctors and all the people who live in the world.” 

Hear the story from Pearl and her teacher Jorge:

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