Local Student Aspires to Inspire

With her bright energy and deep dedication, local Intercambio student Myrna is a natural at leading conversation practice groups. “I want to inspire people to give to themselves and never give up,” she shares with a smile.

Myrna and Intercambio staff take turns running twice-weekly online conversation practice sessions for local students. The online sessions are so popular they will stick around even when in-person classes restart.

Saying yes to the role was a no-brainer for Myrna, a mentor at heart who wants to keep volunteering after she finishes the student program.

Myrna worked with Intercambio staff to brainstorm session plans and learn how to successfully host the groups on Zoom. “Come Fridays, I’m the teacher!” she laughs.

Student feedback is a big part of how Myrna plans conversation topics, which range from books and TV shows to the solar system. “I want everyone to feel welcome and have fun,” she says.

On top of the extra responsibility, Myrna earned a scholarship for never missing class. “I know that Intercambio believes in me, so I want to give back,” she says. “I am so thankful.”

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