Looking Ahead to 2021, Reflecting on 2020

2020 changed us in profound ways. We will feel the impact of it for years to come. Many of us are coping with grief, loss, and anxiety about the future with the pandemic. Many have been rocked by the racial reckoning, and fear that inequities will continue for future generations.

At Intercambio we’re committed to ongoing learning and working to create lasting change. We have focused on the silver linings, as we have seen community collaboration, adaptation, innovation and resilience like never before.

Intercambio supporters showed up to allow us to continue providing support to the communities most impacted. Our community partners showed up, working together to share resources and ideas during a time when partnership was a basic need. Our volunteer teachers showed up with the courage to teach and to share their hearts online, which was daunting for many.

And of course, our English learners showed up. As one teacher said, his students didn’t just show up on the little Zoom box, they really showed up and brought life, determination, connection, and love to the online classes.

Our staff worked more collaboratively than ever, even though we couldn’t be physically together. We launched new projects and initiatives that will last for decades to come.  We addressed challenges that existed pre-COVID, exist now, and will exist post-COVID.

As 2020 closes, I feel tons of gratitude for everyone who is a part of the Intercambio family. We at Intercambio feel a renewed sense of purpose to expand access by creating the spaces and providing the tools for people from different cultural backgrounds to connect, talk, learn from each other, and bond. We need these connections, and we need this cross-cultural learning to create the world we envision and transform “them” into “us.” We look forward to continuing our critical work together.

Best wishes,


P.S.  If you’ve been meaning to give, there’s still time. We couldn’t do this work without the amazing generosity of the community and YOU. If you have already given, we appreciate your patience as we process your gift.

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