Marta and Isaias Move from Limitation to Integration

Intercambio students often face difficulties balancing work and family with the desire to take classes, and this was certainly the case for Marta and Isaias.

After realizing that an online class would not fit into their work schedules in early 2020, Marta and Isaias began working with long-time volunteer Lisa Hughes one-on-one. Starting in Level 3, the couple quickly progressed through the curriculum to its final level, where they participated in multiple book studies and the Conversations on Race and Equity (CORE) curriculum.

Marta and Isaias felt more independent and confident than before. Both shared that their skills have helped them communicate more easily with their supervisors and coworkers. They are also more comfortable when making appointments, communicating with staff at their children’s school, building friendships, or even eating at a restaurant.

Marta & Isaias with their family

“Before classes we feel insecure and with many limitations in our daily routines. Our lives have been positively impacted because it has allowed us to integrate into the community and learn much more about this culture and its customs.”

– Marta & Isaias

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