Meet CC English Teacher Marc Epstein: “I’ve Developed Nice Connections with My Students”

Marc Epstein, CC English Teacher

I’m from the western suburbs of Philadelphia and now live in Bucks County, north of the city. I taught history and government full-time for 31 years in independent schools. I now teach high school history part-time, in addition to my work with CC English and a number of other volunteer jobs, which include English tutoring for two students in Israel.

I found CC English through an online search and started in November 2021. I was looking for an interesting online teaching opportunity. Since my background is in teaching history, it’s been enjoyable becoming an ESL teacher. CC English makes it relatively easy because they provide such a solid program to work from. Working with adults has been a nice, new challenge after so many years of working with high schoolers. I’ve developed nice connections with my students.

I’m currently working with four CC English students and have “graduated” two more. They are from the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Brazil, and Belarus. My favorite part of CC English is the online “field trips” that my students and I design. We explore a topic they’re interested in and step outside of the normal curriculum. Some recent field trip topics have been the history of jazz, virtual visits to interesting cities, and exploring different periods of US history.

I appreciate Intercambio’s well-designed curriculum and the range of students I’ve had the pleasure of working with, including students from a wide range of nations. While they’ve been learning English, I’ve been learning about them and their cultures.

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