Mutual Learning that Creates a Ripple Effect

When Roxana Cordova came to the United States from El Salvador, she was hesitant to even try speaking English for fear of being laughed at. That changed when she started classes with Intercambio. Her teacher, Carol Dwyer, always encouraged Roxana by saying “Just don’t be afraid to try!”

From there, a beautiful friendship formed. Roxana and Carol spent time talking about everything from motherhood to politics and learning about Salvadoran and U.S. cultures. As Roxana shared more, her confidence grew, opening doors for her and her daughter.

Roxana’s daughter, Sally, was identified as a gifted child at the age of six. With her new English skills, Roxana was able to enroll her daughter in a private school in Boulder and receive a scholarship.

“It’s just so gratifying to see someone move up at work, or go somewhere they were afraid to go before, all because of improved English confidence,” says Carol, who has taught with Intercambio for over 10 years. “[Roxana] is always so positive; she just embraces everything as a learning experience.”

Roxana and Carol’s friendship has stood the test of time. Even though Roxana stopped needing formal English lessons five years ago, the two still meet regularly to catch up. “This friendship means so much to me. She has watched my daughter grow up and taught me so much!” Roxana says.

With your support, friendships like Roxana and Carol’s can happen around the nation. What life-changing connections could take root if you gave today?

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