NEW!  Free Confidence and Connections™ Worksheets

We are excited to announce a free set of resources for English learners and teachers everywhere: high-quality, printable and digital worksheets!

These worksheets were specially designed by our Curriculum Department to give learners more practice with the grammar structures presented in our Confidence and Connections™ curriculum. They can be used to help consolidate knowledge before learners move on to the next lesson or provide valuable opportunities to review content from previous lessons. 

For Print or Digital Use!

These worksheets can be printed or completed digitally.

Each worksheet includes:
  • The Language Tools chart from the corresponding lesson of the Confidence and Connections™ book for easy reference
  • A collection of additional accuracy-based grammar exercises that mirror the exercises found in that lesson
  • An Answer Key and Teacher Notes page with tips for how to help learners get the most out of the exercises
  • An Extension section with speaking prompts and suggestions to help students move from structured, accuracy-based responses to more natural, spontaneous communication

You can find a worksheet for every Confidence and Connections™ book today, and we’re working hard to add more. Check back soon!

Have any questions or feedback about this resource or other Intercambio materials? Email us at:

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