Intercambio Launches New Grammar Video Library

Intercambio is excited to share that we have created a library of videos to accompany the Language Tools sections of our Confidence and Connections book lessons. We produced this set of 11 videos to help learners through challenging English language topics, such as the differences between this, these, that, and those or using the present perfect vs. simple past tense. The videos can be viewed on their own or be used to support the Language Tools section of Intercambio’s adult ESOL Confidence and Connections books. Each video is also accompanied by a supplemental worksheet.

The videos present the Language Tools charts for one lesson in each book. They can be viewed during class or can be sent to students before or after class. Learners may also enjoy viewing videos from previous books to help them review. These videos model how we recommend presenting the Language Tools chart: simply, clearly, quickly, modeling natural rhythm and intonation, and without a lot of complex explanation. Additionally, they provide some examples before students move on to the grammar practice activities.

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