Part of the Family

After retiring from a 20-year teaching career, Vicki Kinzie was accustomed to high school students who were less than eager to learn, but what she found was far different.

In 2017, when Vicki began volunteering with Intercambio, she was surprised and delighted to start teaching students who were excited to learn and share their own personal experiences. “We are there to learn as much from them and I think that’s why it works,” Vicki shares.

One of the best parts of volunteering with Intercambio? The relationships. “I feel like I am part of their family, and they are part of mine,” Vicki says

Alma, one of her long-time students and an Intercambio employee, purchased her first home and invited Vicki over to share an authentic Mexican dinner with her family to celebrate. 

Vicki took her students Alma and Yoli on a tour of Front Range Community College, helping them on their way to pursuing higher education.

Vicki’s investment in Alma and Yoli continues to make an impact. The three continue to meet together regularly while balancing families, work and life. Four years after meeting for the first time, their relationship only continues to grow richer!

Watch the video below to hear more about the power of volunteering directly from Intercambio volunteers.

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