Partner Highlight: Intercambio’s Resources Ensure a Better Experience for Students and Teachers

Intercambio Adult ESL/ESOL Curriculum

Permian Basin Adult Literacy Center (PBALC) is based in Midland, Texas, and has been serving the Permian Basin area since 1985. PBALC strives to provide an inclusive and adaptable program, and offers one-on-one tutoring services, small group classes, self-paced programs, and specialty literacy programs. Classes are available both virtually and in person, and the organization tailors each student’s plans according to their goals stated during the assessment process.

PBALC Executive Director Alba Austin learned about Intercambio in 2021, after reading a blurb in a Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) newsletter about a wonderful cultural training that Intercambio Co-Founder and Former Executive Director Lee Shainis was offering. Alba reached out to Lee about the training, who then referred her to Rachel Fuchs, Director of Partner Services at Intercambio. Rachel introduced Alba to the resources and trainings available at Intercambio.

Alba shares, “We love Intercambio’s training options, which are available for both our staff and volunteers. The online tutor training helps volunteers feel confident and prepared to begin working with students, and the monthly live trainings for staff and tutors offer opportunities to meet with Intercambio staff and other Network members to learn from each other, network, and gain new skills. Intercambio’s resources—from the Confidence and Connections curriculum to online student testing tools and website member resources—all help to create an extremely user-friendly and easy experience for volunteer instructors and tutors, which is a must when you work primarily with volunteers.”

Using Intercambio’s resources and participating as Network members has helped PBALC to make their program a better experience for both volunteers and students. They receive consistent feedback that their volunteers are better prepared, both in terms of training and resources. In addition, they feel the programs are more cohesive for students. Alba shares, “Confidence and Connections does a great job of focusing on teaching essential vocabulary and language skills needed for all levels of English language learners. In addition, Intercambio is constantly finding ways to innovate and improve their curriculum and offerings.”

Alba continues, “There are other Intercambio resources like the networking call meetings, instruction tips, and teacher trainings that have been beneficial and extremely helpful to us at PBALC. And our experience with customer support has always been great. Intercambio’s customer service is fast and friendly. We really love using Intercambio, and it has become the primary curriculum we utilize.”

If you’d like to learn more about our English language curriculum, purchasing our ESOL resources or how to become a Intercambio Network Partner, please reach out. Click on the link below to learn more about joining the Intercambio Network!

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