Practicing "His/Her name is…"

For additional practice on his name is/her name is bring in pictures of famous people. Here are some ways to work with them.

  • Have students label pictures, writing His name is______., or Her name is ______. Use sticky notes, so that you can remove the labels and reuse the pictures for review later on.
  • If you are teaching a class, divide students into two teams. Have them line up and put a buzzer on a table at the front of the room. As teacher holds up a picture, the first student to ring the buzzer and say a correct sentence gets a point. If the student’s sentence is not correct, the other team gets a chance.
  • Options
    a) Cut pictures out of magazines or print from computer
    b) Use pictures of famous historical figures (George Washington, etc.)
    c) Have students bring in pictures of famous people in their country.
    d) If you don’t have a buzzer, use an upside down plastic cup. It makes noise as students crush it.
    e) To encourage cooperation, and help shy students, allow the team to come up with the answer rather than individual students.