Confidence and Connections™ – Adult ESL Curriculum

Uniquely Simple. Remarkably Effective.
6 Levels: Intro and 5 Levels with 2 Books per Level
For 1-on-1 or Groups
Built in pronunciation, 2-way cultural exchange and end each lesson with a conversation!

Adult ESL The Intercambio Way™

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  • Confidence and Connections


    Practical English language acquisition includes pronunciation, cross-cultural learning and conversation. Build both teacher and student confidence with this easy-to-use curriculum. Free listening dialogs and on-going support from our staff. Lessons lead to meaningful conversations. Two measurable progress checks per 16-lesson book.

    Confidence and Connections has an Intro Level and 5 subsequent levels. There is one book for the Intro Level, and there are 2 books per level, LEFT and RIGHT, for the subsequent levels. Start with either L or R, complete both to finish a level.

    The Intro book is now available! Order yours today!

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  • Pronunciation Fun with Pictures


    This well-loved tool uses minimal pairs to help teachers lead pronunciation practice in class and helps students practice on their own. Our suggestion: two sounds, ten minutes a day.

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