Confidence and Connections™ – Adult ESL Curriculum

Uniquely Simple. Remarkably Effective.
6 Levels: Intro and 5 Levels with 2 Books per Level
For 1-on-1 or Groups
Built in pronunciation, 2-way cultural exchange and end each lesson with a conversation!

Adult ESL The Intercambio Way™

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  • Confidence and Connections


    Practical English language acquisition includes pronunciation, cross-cultural learning and conversation. Build both teacher and student confidence with this easy-to-use curriculum. Free listening dialogs and on-going support from our staff. Lessons lead to meaningful conversations. Two measurable progress checks per 16-lesson book.

    Confidence and Connections has an Intro Level and 5 subsequent levels. There is one book for the Intro Level, and there are 2 books per level, LEFT and RIGHT, for the subsequent levels. Start with either L or R, complete both to finish a level.

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  • Pronunciation Fun with Pictures


    This well-loved tool uses minimal pairs to help teachers lead pronunciation practice in class and helps students practice on their own. Our suggestion: two sounds, ten minutes a day.

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  • Confidence and Connections Digital View

    If you’re using the Confidence and Connections books for online classes, purchasing digital view access of the student books allows teachers to easily screen share or project lessons during class.

    The Confidence and Connections student books are designed to best be used as physical workbooks where students write and complete all of their lessons aiding in their retention of the material and giving them a way to review their work and measure their progress. The digital view is not intended to replace print copies of the student book. We recommend that one digital view be purchased per class.

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