The Immigrant Guide Conversation Supplement (PDF – Digital Product)


This downloadable (PDF) booklet provides discussion-starting scenarios and questions for each of the topics in The Immigrant Guide. These practical exercises are useful for adult English language learners in intermediate, advanced, conversational and writing classes.

A PDF of this booklet is also available at no charge with the purchase of 20+ Immigrant Guides.

This downloadable resource is ideal for intermediate and advanced adult English learners. It provides conversation starters from topics from The Immigrant Guide to engage in discussion and conversation. It is an ideal resource for conversation groups. This resource has been updated to align with Version 6 of The Immigrant Guide, though it can be easily used in conjunction with previous versions.

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Learn more about the Confidence and Connections curriculum and how it is structured here.

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Intercambio offers several group products where one purchase affords access to multiple users: Intercambio Network Membership, Confidence and Connections Digital View Annual, and Confidence and Connections Teaching Slides.

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Knowing that many immigrants have a basic understanding of English, we have written this guide with the most basic vocabulary possible while still providing important information. We have added pictures to the English and Spanish versions of the guide to illustrate certain topics.

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